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Transmedia project that as a purpose uses cinema and technology as tools for virtual connection between inmates in Chile’s jails, their families and the outside world. It is a cinematic experience, a virtual encounter, going back home. A bicycle roams a childhood neighborhood. A mother shows what she cooked that afternoon. A family gathered in the living room of their home. A virtual reality experience where inmates of different penitentiary centers can connect with the outside of their prison. A special approach with their families, houses and intimate spaces where due to the VR inmates of different prisons can go back home. This project contemplates the making of documentary film workshops in different prisons of Chile and the development of a feature film called “Volver a casa”.


Catalina Alarcón
The prison is a forgotten place in society, an insulated construction whose duties are to monitor, control, qualify and classify the inmates according to their felony, stripping them of all humanity. It is a class system to which those without opportunities arrive, those without a voice, where the main purpose is punishment, a purpose that comes without the necessary tools to enhance a future change and social reintegration. Therefore virtual reality and documentary filmmaking work as a space for collective and personal reflection that transports us to another place, a better one, more familiar and dignified.

It’s quite impressive, wonderful, it allows them to go back home thanks to the VR.

Constanza Santa María - Chilean journalist, T13 Radio

It is a reflective pause around the definitions of women, motherhood, gender, memory and family, where the inmates have the opportunity to live a virtual reality experience that connects them with their families.

CNCA - National Council of Culture and the Arts of Chile

This has an additional load. It’s impressive how technology can change someone’s life. It’s fantastic, of international excitement.

Rodrigo Guendelman - Chilean journalist, Radio Zero

By visiting their houses, and going back to past moments with the family, it invites the inmate to think of living a life without troubles once he becomes free.

Ohikawa - Writer and journalist, VR Inside