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“Back Home VR” a journey, a virtual escape.
Transmedia project that as a purpose uses cinema and technology as tools for virtual
connection between inmates in Chile's jails, their families and the outside world.
It is a cinematic experience, a virtual encounter, going back home.

Back Home VR

Virtual reality

A bicycle roams a childhood neighborhood. A mother shows what she cooked that afternoon. A family gathered in the living room of their home. A virtual reality experience where inmates of different penitentiary centers can connect with the outside of their prison. A special approach with their families, houses and intimate spaces where due to the VR inmates of different prisons can go back home.

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Back Home Workshop

documentary workshop

Documentary film and virtual reality Workshop where inmates from different prisons of Chile experiment through documentary and self-recording, as well as watching different Latin American documentaries. The main goal is to use cinema as an inclusive tool that allows inmates to interpret and ponder on their environment through the appreciation of documentary film, and also about reality and family-personal memory. We want to enhance the abilities and talents of the inmates, with an emphasis on reinforcing the creative capacity to narrate small intimate stories that come across the concepts of gender, memory, family, freedom and going back home.

Back Home

feature film

In Valparaíso’s prison Catalina teaches a documentary workshop to ten inmates. Little by little, cinema begins to catch their interest by sharing their experiences in each assignment. Meanwhile, Catalina prepares a virtual escape, meeting every week with the inmates’s families to shoot at their homes in 360º, located in remote and dangerous places. Having to overcome the prison bureaucracy, Catalina prepares everything for the big day when students can “go back home”.